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Pyramid Ruler

With this ruler - cutting pyramid shapes (equilateral triangles) is a snap. All the math is done for you. The Fons & Porter Pyramid Ruler is designed to cut equilateral triangles that finish 1-6 inches tall. The Pyramid Ruler coordinates with both the Fons & Porter Hexagon Ruler and 60-Degree Diamond Ruler.
Item Number: R7894
Barcode Number: 072879078947
Cutting Pyramids (Equilateral Triangles) 1. Begin by finding the solid black line on the Pyramid Ruler that corresponds to the finished size pyramid (equilateral triangle) you want to cut. 2. Follow across the ruler to determine the strip width needed. Cut a fabric strip this width. For example - to cut 3 inch finished size pyramid triangles - cut a 3-1/2 inch wide strip. TIP: To cut the maximum number of pyramids from a fabric strip - open out fabric strip so you will be cutting through a single layer. If you are cutting lots of pyramids - layer several strips and cut them at the same time. 3. Beginning at left end of fabric strip - place ruler atop strip so solid line on ruler is along bottom edge of fabric stip. Trim along left slanted edge of ruler (Photo A). TIP: If you cut left handed - work from the right end of the fabric strip and begin by cutting along the right edge of the ruler. 4. Cut along right slanted edge of ruler to cut one pyramid triangle (Photo B). 5. To cut second pyramid triangle - rotate ruler so solid line is on top edge of strip and angled side of ruler is aligned with slanted edge of strip. Cut along slanted edge of ruler (Photo C). Using Pyramid Triangles - Ideas for Pyramid Triangles shows options for combining triangles. For some of the designs - such as Spiderweb, Texas Trellis - Pinwheel - and Umbrella - it is quicker to join strips of different fabrics into a strip set the correct width before cutting the Pyramid triangles. Combining Pyramid Triangle with Related Shapes - The Pyramid Ruler coordinates with both the Fons & Porter Hexagon Ruler and 60-Degree Diamond Ruler. For example - a 3 inch pyramid triangle - 6 inch hexagon - and 3 inch 60-degree diamond will all fit together. Refer to Ideas for Combining Pyramid Triangle with Related Shapes for examples.